About Safety ID

Safety ID was started to provide a service that can keep our community safe and secure. Until now, there was no website to keep your emergency medical information that you yourself can keep up to date and make it available to emergency and medical professionals during an emergency.

We came up with the idea after a series of personal experiences. These include the following critical situations that effected us or people known to us.

Cycle accident. Unconscious with no identification.

Mother that had a stroke and medical professionals didn't know what medication she was on.

A child with a sever allergy that required special attention

A colleague, in passing, mentioned he has an EpiPen that we never knew about.

Having your emergency medical information could be the difference between life and death! SafetyID was created to help those of us who wants to be prepared when an unexpected emergency situation arises. It is for those of us who wants to keep our loved ones safe and secure.

Safety ID is easy to sign up and manage, free to use and easily accessible by medical and emergency professionals.

Safety ID is:

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